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Services ________________________________________________________________________________

My offer is aimed at active dancers, musicians, singers and athletes of all ages and performance levels. In addition, I consult and support coaches, teachers and institutions (including clubs, associations and training centres) on how to integrate sport psychological strategies into everyday training and thus, create the optimal conditions to promote performance and mental health.
All courses can be held in person or online and in German or English.

Workshops &
Lectures ________________________________

I offer workshops and lectures on various sport psychological topics, including:

  • Goal setting and motivation

  • Concentration

  • Imagery and visualisation

  • Stress management

  • Rehabilitation and injury management

  • Emotion regulation

Thereby, it is important to me to convey the latest scientific findings and methods in a practical and interactive way.

Workshops & Infovorträge | Mentaltraining | Tanz, Musik & Sport
Einzelbetreuung | Mentaltraining | Tanz, Musik & Sport

1:1 Coaching _________________________

In an initial meeting, we first get to know each other and clarify which sporting, creative and personal goals you would like to achieve. Together we will work out targeted methods and solutions to help you achieve your best performance and promote your mental health. The number of sessions of the 1:1 coaching depends on your personal concerns and can also include training or competition support.

Teams &
Group Coaching

Whether dance, music or sport - each individual counts. Only together can goals be achieved in the group. I offer both single or multiple team activities as well as continuous group coaching on various topics, including:

  • Communication in the team

  • Team building and group cohesion

  • Goal setting

  • Roles in the team

Teams & Gruppencoaching | Mentaltraining | Tanz, Musik & Sport
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