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About me _____________________________________________________________________________

Hi, I'm Anja Ofenstein and I work as a sport psychological expert (asp) and

sport scientist (MSc) in Munich. Since as a child, I take part in dance competitions and the passion for dance and movement has never left me. 

But over the years, I have also experienced the ups and downs of

competitive sports - from failures to long-lasting injuries.


Eventually, I turned my passion into a profession and began working as a

sport scientist to help dancers, musicians and singers. Through my insights behind the stage, I became aware of the enormous pressure performers

are under every day - and usually to the detriment of their physical and

mental health. I started researching on the influence of stress on injuries

in dance and began my training as a sport psychological expert (asp).

My previous work in the sport psychological field has strenghtened my conviction that mental and physical performance as well as well-being

can only lead together to a long and successful career.


With my knowledge and experience I want to support you achieving

your best performance, whether it is on or off the stage, in training

or during competition - without compromising your health and well-being!

Anja Ofenstein | Sportpsychologische Expertin & Sportwissenschaftlerin
Mentaltraining | Tanz, Musik & Sport | Anja Ofenstein

References __________________________________________________________________________

Both as a sport psychological expert and sport scientist, I have already worked with various institutions and individuals from the fields of dance, music and sports, including the Bavarian State Opera Munich, Leipziger Ballet, Residenztheater Munich and (German association for Dance Medicine e.V.).

The workshops and lectures covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to Mental Training

  • Stress Management in Dance

  • Mental Skills & Coping Strategies for Dancers

  • Routines in the Theatre

  • Mental Training in the Rehabilitation of Dancers

Board member, e.V.

"I appreciate Anja Ofenstein as an extremely warm-hearted, empathetic and structured person. She convinces with her outstanding professional competence as well as her approachable, appreciative way of dealing with others.

Her presentations are concise, graphically very appealing and extremely entertaining.

I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Mentaltraining | Tanz, Musik & Sport | Anja Ofenstein

Qualifications __________________________

2021 - 2022

Sport Psychological Training and Coaching in Competitive Sports | Center of Mental Excellence & asp (German Association for Sport Psychology)


Certificate Dance Medicine |
German Association for Dance Medicine e.V.


Trainer Multimodal Stress Management | TUM Sport and Health for Life

2017 - 2020

MSc Sport & Exercise Science | Technical University of Munich

"Stress and Injury Risk in Professional Ballet Dancers: A Qualitative Study"

2013 - 2017

BSc Scientific Princinples of Sport | Technical University of Munich

Organisations _________________________

asp | German Association for Sport Psychology

IADMS | International Association for Dance Medicine and Science | German Association for Dance Medicine e.V.

Mitglied | Mentaltraining | Tanz, Musik & Sport

Competitions __________________________

2020 - Today

Jazz Modern Contemporary | Formation 2. Bundesliga South


International Dance Organization | Ballet, Jazz and Modern World Championships


Dance World Cup | German Champion Hip Hop


Dance World Cup | German Champion Hip Hop

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