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How do sport psychologists/ sport psychological experts work?

As a sport psychological expert, I am subject to clear ethical guidelines and take responsibility for my professional actions. I respect the dignity and integrity of the persons with whom I have a professional relationship, in particular their right to self-determination and self-responsibility. I am bound by the principles of professional ethics, which require, in addition to professional competence, respect for professional secrecy and human responsibility towards the individual. These guidelines are laid down in the statues of the German Association for Sport Psychology (asp).

How does 1:1 sport psychological coaching work?

In a first chat, we first get to know each other a little better. You describe your concerns to me and we clarify questions and the possible coaching conditions. If you decide on 1:1 coaching, we will discuss your topic in detail in the first session and define your individual goals during the coaching process. In the following 1:1 sessions, we will find ways how you can achieve your goals through conversations and exercises. However, the success of the 1:1 coaching also depends on your own initiative and motivation, meaning how you apply the methods you have learned in your training and thus, integrate them sustainably into your everyday life. 1:1 coaching sessions usually last 60 minutes (including 10 minutes of documentation). The number of sessions required is very individual - sometimes just a few sessions are enough to solve your problem, but many performers also want long-term support or get in touch when necessary. In a personal conversation we will find the right way for you, which also fits into your everyday life in terms of time and money.

How is confidentiality handled during the sport psychological coaching?

As a sport psychological expert, I am committed to maintaining professional confidentiality. I treat information of my clients, which I receive during my professional activity, confidentially and protected from access by third parties. If it is necessary to pass on information (e.g. to a parent or legal guardian), I first obtain the consent of the person(s) concerned.

What is the difference between sport psychological coaching and therapy?

Within the framework of 1:1 coaching, I provide help for self-help. 1:1 coaching does not replace any medical or therapeutic treatment. No diagnoses are made in the medical sense and no therapy takes place. A normal mental and physical resilience is required. Any limitations or illnesses must be communicated before the start of the 1:1 coaching. If a clinical problem arises during the coaching process, the client is referred to a therapist with his/her consent.

How much does sport psychological coachings cost?

My fees for sport psychological coaching are based on the schedule of fees for sport psychological services (GOSP). A session of 1:1 coaching costs €75.00, for students €60.00 (please provide proof). If you want to book several sessions at once, I also offer cheaper packages (e.g. packages of 10 sessions). After the coaching, you will receive an invoice for the total fee plus any additional costs that incurred, such as travel and accommodation costs. If you are interested in a workshop or lecture, please contact me by email or phone. I will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate that suits your ideas and wishes (topics, duration, number of participants).

Are the costs of sport psychological coaching covered by my health insurance?

Since sport psychological coaching does not constitute therapy, the costs are not covered by health insurance. However, some clubs and associations cover the costs partially or fully for their athletes. Please inquire about this yourself before the start of the coaching at your club/ association.

How can I cancel an appointment?

Agreed appointments are generally binding. Cancellation or rescheduling of an 1:1 coaching session is possible free of charge up to 24h before the appointment. After this time, 50% of the fee will be charged. In case of unexcused non-attendance, the full fee will be due as a cancellation fee.

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